Thursday, May 29, 2008


Tonight I watched "Sense and Sensibility" on PBS. I love movies based in the 1800's, particularly based on Jane Austen novels. What I love about these movies are the way the ladies are, gentle and feminine, yet strong. There's always something so beautiful about the characters even though they do not "fit" what modern day society says is beautiful.

I find myself wishing things were as they were back in those days. I wish it were not uncommon to dress in a long flowing dress and that sort. I wish that affections were kind and considerate. I wish that manners were top notch and thoughtful.

Can one ever return to those days? Even growing up in the South, where saying "yes, Ma'am" is still valuable (although I am terrible at it), standing when guests enter a room, or curtsying to show reverence to another is almost unheard of. What would happen if you and I suddenly began doing those things again. I'm sure it would seem funny and unusual.

To think.......