Sunday, October 15, 2006

"Love is Patient, Love is Kind..." not jealous. Love does not brag, is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly." I'm not even going to try to continuing that verse because, 1) I probably can honestly, NOT say all of it, or 2) I may be able to say it, but would really mess up my point here....

Here's the deal, as any Christian woman should, I'm trying to memorize this verse, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Only problem is, I've been trying to memorize it for, um.....a few months now. It all began when my godly Sunday School teacher suggested we start really getting familiar with scripture, so every week we start a new verse, well, at least that was the intention, but not before we recite the past verses. My teacher is quite faithful, I must admit, but her student is not. Sure, I can blame it on school, work, homelife, what-have-you, but I think the problem is greater......I'm not taking this verse to heart.

There's more to just memorizing scripture, it's about applying into our lives. God's Word says that we are to hide it in our hearts (I should be quoting one of these such verses, so hold me to it). What this means is, make it our heart's deepest desire to abide by His Word. Using 1 Corinthians 13:47, my head-knowledge says to love people, but my heart says "how"? It is so easy for me to love those who love me, and treat me good, but for me to love those who are against me.....I consider them unloveable, which is so far from the Truth.

So, tonight I'm just kinda wondering, am I the only one here who has this problem, applying one single verse to my life? What part of scripture are you trying to memorize, and not just with your head, but with your heart and are finding difficult?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

When the Holy Spirt convicted me....

During my first year of college I began to get pulled into a television show while babysitting at a family's home. Anytime I was at their home once the kids went to bed, I would watch this show. I got so into it that I began renting the episodes from the movie store. One thing lead to another and I had watched every single episode at least twice, owned the book about the show, talked about it, and constantly thought about the show. I loved the show! It was how I wanted to spend my weekends, watching it. That show was "Sex and the City". To me, this was the ideal show.

So, here I was, a Christian, drawn deep into a show, which practically consumed me. But I didn't see nothing wrong with it, even though the word "sex" was in the title! The show, living up to it's name, was basically about the city! However, the producers had this neat way of making it real life situations, so would appealing. In reality, this show was filled with all the pleasures of the world, especially sex. I was watching soft porn for a year and a half and never even realized it, until the Holy Spirit said, "That's not right". I allowed myself to be deceived into thinking that it was okay because of fashion icons, real life situations and because it was on TV.

Now days, when I look back a see how sinful that was for me to allow a show like "Sex and the City" to take over my thoughts, and possibily even my actions, it makes me sick. When I see the commericals on TV for the TBS episodes, I change the channel. In my post, "Grey's Anatomy: What's all the hype?" I talk about the need for Christian women to be aware of what they are watching. I wrote that because I KNOW how big that need is. We need to be do-ers and hearers of the word, not the world.

Me watching porn? Yep, soft porn, but none-the-less, porn. Don't believe it? Ask me, remember, I've seen every episode.