Sunday, October 15, 2006

"Love is Patient, Love is Kind..." not jealous. Love does not brag, is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly." I'm not even going to try to continuing that verse because, 1) I probably can honestly, NOT say all of it, or 2) I may be able to say it, but would really mess up my point here....

Here's the deal, as any Christian woman should, I'm trying to memorize this verse, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Only problem is, I've been trying to memorize it for, um.....a few months now. It all began when my godly Sunday School teacher suggested we start really getting familiar with scripture, so every week we start a new verse, well, at least that was the intention, but not before we recite the past verses. My teacher is quite faithful, I must admit, but her student is not. Sure, I can blame it on school, work, homelife, what-have-you, but I think the problem is greater......I'm not taking this verse to heart.

There's more to just memorizing scripture, it's about applying into our lives. God's Word says that we are to hide it in our hearts (I should be quoting one of these such verses, so hold me to it). What this means is, make it our heart's deepest desire to abide by His Word. Using 1 Corinthians 13:47, my head-knowledge says to love people, but my heart says "how"? It is so easy for me to love those who love me, and treat me good, but for me to love those who are against me.....I consider them unloveable, which is so far from the Truth.

So, tonight I'm just kinda wondering, am I the only one here who has this problem, applying one single verse to my life? What part of scripture are you trying to memorize, and not just with your head, but with your heart and are finding difficult?


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
I'm glad to read some more of your thoughts so soon. Hope you don't mind me replying -- I don't know you. But I do have a couple thoughts. First, (this is more practical than anything)I like to think through the progression of the verse/passage. Sometimes when you get the big picture it can help. I know that this verse is a listing, but I looked it up in the version you had written and I can make some connections between each new word or idea. Second, can you think of people or situations where you can apply a particular thought? For example, "love believeth all things." Is there someone who you are tempted to question their truthfulness? If we are acting in love, we will not question them (unless of course, there's obvious evidence otherwise!). "Love thinketh no evil;" are my thoughts positive of others? Do I question their motives? Of course, the bottom line is that on our own we cannot take these verses to heart. It is God's word and it takes His Spirit to revive our hearts in such a way that we can live it! I am sure that you are praying and asking the Lord to help you!
As far as what I am memorizing, I just compiled verses that deal with victory over sin, but the neat thing is that in many of the passages I gathered up, the progression is this: sin, new life, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. I couldn't just take solitary verses because the passages were so powerful! We can hide His word in our hearts all we want, but if we are grieving His Spirit those words cannot have the impact that they could have. Of course, God's word alone is powerful, but we all have been in a place where we memorized a bunch, but it made no difference. So again, I come back to the work of the Spirit of the risen Christ, sent to dwell in us and comfort us - and remind us of God's words! Hope I didn't ramble too much! Have a great day, Jolene

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has trouble memorizing that verse! LOL!! Each time I try to say it and I mess up, I feel like it's a picture of my failure to truly love as Christ does. But then I get all caught up in trying to justify "righteous anger" hahaha!!! So, I guess I'm just saying that I've got a LONG, LONG way to go in my walk with the Lord.

PRAISE HIS NAME, though, for His ways being SO much bigger and better than mine! He will use even my failures for His glory!!

So, sister, keep on keeping on and follow hard after God no matter what it costs. Keep hiding those verses in your heart. Keep your nose in His Word. You are not your own- you were bought at a price.

Mrs. U

Jthemilker said...

Type your verse onto a small piece of paper and make several copies of the same. Place these in obvious places where you will notice them throughout the day. For example, on your bathroom mirror, on your computer monitor (or even on a screen saver), on the refridgerator... anywhere you find yourself going. When you see it, pause, read it, ponder it. In no time you will be surrounded by it so much that you will not even realize that you have memorized it.

Nicky Renee said...

you are not the only one. We all struggle to follow this verse. I am constantly reminding myself of this verse and I work toward it daily. I know that one day I will love like God loves, even if it is only a foggy, dirty glass version. You will too hon, don't lose faith!