Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Please Pray!

UPDATE (Evening): Thank you to those who are praying. Jennifer came through surgery and things went great. She is in recovery now. Our family is waiting to hear from the surgeon. She should be in recovery for the next two hours. I'll update as soon as I get more information.

UPDATE (Afternoon): Jennifer is currently in an isolated room due to MRSA being very active in her body. She has battled against this staph infection for MONTHS. She is about to be visited by the anesthesia team, and then should go into surgery. She has been there since 8:30 AM, it's 12:15 now. Please keep praying.

Please pray for my sister-in-law Jennifer (my husband's twin sister). She was diagnosed with C ushing's Disease a few months ago. There is a tumor that has formed on her pituitary gland that will be removed tomorrow, July 30th.

Jennifer has battled with this disease for a while, we wonder if it has even been for three years since her three-year-old twins were born.

Please Pray:

1) That God's will is done. We know God can heal her, but we want it in accordance with His will.

2) Her husband. He loves Jennifer very much and I am sure it is hard for him to see her go through this. She is a very organized and together person. It will be different seeing her in recovery.

3) Her three-year-old boys. I will be caring for them, along with my husband for the rest of this week at my in-laws home. On Saturday, my other sister-in-law, along with her child, will come and stay in town and care for them while I work. We will all work together to give them the best care. This could go on for a couple weeks or more. I know the boys will miss their mom and dad, but given the recovery time from brain surgery, it is best they are cared for away from their small home.

Last night, C ameron was crying and C arson said, "He just wants his daddy!" That just breaks my heart! Please pray for those little boys, they don't understand what is going on, and they love their mommy dearly.

4) Her quick recovery. As I mentioned above, she is a very organized and together person. She gets up early to get things going. She is always packed ahead, home is always clean.....she is just always on top of things. I'm not that kind of person, but I can imagine that it would be hard to be that kind of person and have to rest and be confined for awhile when there is so much other things you realize need to be done.

Her mother (Mrs. LS) will be caring for her at Jennifer's home as long is necessarily. Please pray for Mrs. LS as well. She will be away from our work (of which she is Director over). She has a lot already on her plate, but her daughter is her #1 priority.

Thank you for praying. God is good and His will is perfect!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Magnatized to Personalized!!! DYI

Ever thrown away a few of these? This is one of those magnetic calenders businesses use to advertise on phone books, pamphlets, etc. This one came on my phone book at work. I think they are neat...but I really don't want to use them to advertise on my refrigerator!

***LIGHT BULB!****
  • I used a regular 4x6 photo of my husband and I.
  • Double Stick Tape
  • Trimmed up the sides to fit
AND......Voila! Here it is on my refrigerator! (yes, I realize my picture taking is horrible....the lighting was just bad in my kitchen!)

Try it for yourself, it is SUPER easy and I think it's cute!

What do YOU think?


Sunday, July 19, 2009

We Have A Winner!

Thank you to those who participated in my baby bracelet giveaway! I am so excited to be able to giveaway something so precious that can be treasured for years!

If you did not win this time, I will be posting a link soon for my Etsy shop filled with these little bracelets. Please stop by and browse sometime! Also, I do plan on having another giveaway in August, but the gift is more for you this time :D

The winner of the bracelet is...... Kim O. (aka TK) "Now that is what I call "danty!" Any little girl will love that!"

Isn't she sweet???
Congratulations Kim! E-mail me at and I'll get your bracelet packaged and sent wherever you wish!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't Forget to Enter for the Giveaway!

You have until tomorrow at 4 PM to enter for this sweet little bracelet! But why wait until then? Enter now!

**Please remember, you don't have to have a little girl to register to win, it would make a great gift for a babyshower, a birthday or Just Because!**

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jute Trash Can and a Giveaway!

With all of the Jute projects floating around blogland, I thought I could put some jute to work on my own project. So...I made a jute trash can for my living room. Have you priced little trashcans lately? My goodness!!!

What began as a cheap tin (think Christmas popcorn tin) with
Hot Wheels race cars all over it, became something I am quite proud of. I got this tin/can/bucket at Wal-Mart during a 75% off Easter sale. The Wal-Mart in my town had WAY too much inventory and had their already-put-together Easter baskets SUPER cheap, so I bought several (for the candy of course), including this tin filled with candy. Oh how I wished I had a true before picture.

First, I covered up the racecars with gray spray paint primer(what I had

Next, I began hot-gluing the jute (from Wal-mart) around the bottom of the tin working my way up to the top (or bottom since I had it upside down):

Like Kimba, I had all of my tools: Table protecting sheets, glue gun, sweet tea, and popcorn!

When I had FINALLY finished (yeah, this took a little time, but was worth it) I played around with a couple places to show it off (I mean, make use of it :P ):

A little too short for this.
So...what do you think?

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Baby Bracelet GIVEAWAY!!!

For my very first giveaway, I have a sweet baby bracelet! My heart just melts as I make these little bracelets.
Would anyone happen to have a baby I can borrow?

Maybe my little ceramic bird will work for now :D

The bracelet measures 5 inches long without extender. Perfect for a one year old!

With the extender it can fit up to an 11 year old!

Here's how to enter, there are two chances:

First Chance: Leave a comment for me :D You can always e-mail me at

Second Chance: Put a link on your blog for this giveaway.

You can enter up until 4 PM (EST) on Sunday (July 19) afternoon. The drawing will be held on Sunday evening at 8 PM (EST).

*You do not have to have a little girl to win this. It would make a great gift! The winner can choose to have it mailed to themselves, or sent to a gift recipient.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's a Giveaway...Starting tomorrow!

Hey Ladies!!

Tomorrow I will have a giveaway up and running! I will post a picture of the prize tomorrow afternoon when I "officially" announce the giveaway. I am SUPER excited because this is my first giveaway!

You will have up to two chances to win. For the first chance, you must leave me a comment and enter yourself. If you blog about my giveaway, I'll give you two entries! Yay! How fun!

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wooden Mail Organizer

I bought this from TJ Maxx or Marshalls a couple of years ago, before I was even engaged to be married. I fell in love when I saw it. I was so tempted to buy each matching piece. I absolutely LOVED the color, but found when I got married that it really didn't suit our home. It's kind of a minty green.

So I spray painted it red (Cherry Red in gloss by Red Devil - Big Lots)! My husband REALLY loves it and so do I! It matches our decor perfectly and sits on the kitchen counter to hold our mail. I will eventually go back and distress it, but for now I'm just enjoying the color and usefulness of it!

Of course, if I ever wanted to change it back or to a different color, all I have to do is paint it!


Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Every morning on my way out to work, I look down on our cement porch to make sure there is nothing that I could step on. Baby bird, snake, big bug, etc. There are large bushes on either side of our porch, surrounded by I never know what might be there.

All clear! I thought to myself, what would I do if there was a snake on my porch? I reasoned that I would go back inside and call my husband and have him, or our landlord come and "get rid" it. After all, who wants a snake around in the bushes?

While getting into my car, I turned and looked back towards our apartment to spy something above our almost looked like a vine growing up the brick. I looked closer....A SNAKE!!!!

A snake was weaved around several bricks and just hanging out near our bedroom window. So, I called my husband very quickly. While I was on the phone with him, a neighbor was driving past. My neighbor saw me looking up and had stopped when suddenly the snake *jumped* backward! I quickly pointed up to the snake so my neighbor could see what had scared me.

In the end, my neighbor (who happens to be the landlord's son who lives in the complex) offered to get a pole to get the snake down. I really appreciate him being such a gentleman. Even though the snake probably wasn't dangerous...a snake is a snake in my book.

By the way: My Prince Charming was preparing to come rescue me :D

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lights Out!

This evening our electricity was out for five hours. It's not the first time our power has been out since we've been married....maybe the fourth or fifth time. This time was definitely the longest. Tonight we decided eating out would be the best thing, so we drove over to Huddle House :D

It seems like every time our power goes out we realize all of the things we take for granted. We spend that time talking by candlelight and just enjoying being together. Now that the electricity is back on, I'm on the computer and he is playing video games. That's how we relax. Would we have survived in the days before electricity? Of course we would have. Things are just different now.

Other than everyday convenience, what would you miss most if you didn't have electricity?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Do you FLY?

I am sitting here contemplating what to do next. Finally I can do something I really want to do....or something I have been needing to do, but too busy with normal housework to do. (Wow, lots of "to do's!"

Today I have:

*Washed all the dishes and shined my sink.
*Completed my zone cleaning for the day, scrubbing my counter tops
*Decluttered our office for 15 minutes
*And washed two loads of laundry amongst many other FlyLady tasks.

I'm just curious....are you a FLYing?