Monday, July 06, 2009

Do you FLY?

I am sitting here contemplating what to do next. Finally I can do something I really want to do....or something I have been needing to do, but too busy with normal housework to do. (Wow, lots of "to do's!"

Today I have:

*Washed all the dishes and shined my sink.
*Completed my zone cleaning for the day, scrubbing my counter tops
*Decluttered our office for 15 minutes
*And washed two loads of laundry amongst many other FlyLady tasks.

I'm just curious....are you a FLYing?


Imperfect said...

Wow! Good for you - I wish I was that productive today.

I keep reading about the Flylady. Maybe I should check out what everyone's been raving about!

Mrs. U said...

Oooh!! I'm SO proud of you!!! GREAT job!!!!

Mrs. U

Miss Jen said...

Wow... great job!! :)

Anonymous said...

do you know they have Flylady in Scotland! My friend there told me about it - as we discussed how hard it is to get it all done....