Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Bracelet GIVEAWAY!!!

For my very first giveaway, I have a sweet baby bracelet! My heart just melts as I make these little bracelets.
Would anyone happen to have a baby I can borrow?

Maybe my little ceramic bird will work for now :D

The bracelet measures 5 inches long without extender. Perfect for a one year old!

With the extender it can fit up to an 11 year old!

Here's how to enter, there are two chances:

First Chance: Leave a comment for me :D You can always e-mail me at

Second Chance: Put a link on your blog for this giveaway.

You can enter up until 4 PM (EST) on Sunday (July 19) afternoon. The drawing will be held on Sunday evening at 8 PM (EST).

*You do not have to have a little girl to win this. It would make a great gift! The winner can choose to have it mailed to themselves, or sent to a gift recipient.


Mrs. U said...

HOW ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May I enter, please?? Oh, and I just posted about it on my blog. FUN!!

Mrs. U

Katie said...

Absolutely the cutest. While my baby girl would look cute with the bracelet, I know another baby girl this was just made for. Her baby sister was born on Monday and I think while everyone is oogling over the newbie, she could use a reminder that she is special too.

Mrs. Pear said...

This is so sweet! It would be perfect for our littlest daughter! (10 months)

TK said...

Now that is what I call "danty!" Any little girl will love that!

Kim O

Caroline said...

That is so pretty...I have a couple of friends who are having babies. That would make such a sweet gift.

~Allie~ said...

put me in two times please.. love your blog ;)

Miss Jen said...

How lovely!!!!
I would love to be entered!

Many Blessings~ Jen

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

This is perfectly precious!

Patti said...

That little thing is so dear :) My daughter would LOVE it !

Jane said...

That is very sweet. Love that it can grow with the child.

Michelle said...

Very sweet!! I would love to enter, my daughter loves bracelets(she is 2). Ansd pink is her favorite color!!!

Lindsay said...


Christa said...

Precious! That would be a perfect babyt gift if my daughter didn't find it first. How fun that you make jewelry. I had no idea.