Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lights Out!

This evening our electricity was out for five hours. It's not the first time our power has been out since we've been married....maybe the fourth or fifth time. This time was definitely the longest. Tonight we decided eating out would be the best thing, so we drove over to Huddle House :D

It seems like every time our power goes out we realize all of the things we take for granted. We spend that time talking by candlelight and just enjoying being together. Now that the electricity is back on, I'm on the computer and he is playing video games. That's how we relax. Would we have survived in the days before electricity? Of course we would have. Things are just different now.

Other than everyday convenience, what would you miss most if you didn't have electricity?


Mrs. U said...

5 hours!! OH NO!!! Glad things are back to normal now!! I think the longest we've been powerless was only an hour, BUT we've had to go without water (well issues) for hours and hours before. Major pain but BOY did we realize how thankful we were for running water!!!

I LOVE your photo for this post! SO pretty! And the candelabra is so romantic! Would you share where you found it??

Mrs. U

PS- LOVE your new signature, too!! Very pretty!!!

colbycottage said...

Hi just wanted to say I love the name of your blog.Thats what this life is all about.Blessings to you. Kathy

Imperfect said...

I always loved losing electricity when I was growing up. It seemed to happen most often in the late winter months when ice storms were most likely. Our family would play games by candlelight or roast hot dogs and marshmellows and pop popcorn in the fireplace.

Our power has yet to go out during our time as a married couple. But I look forward to when it does.

And I agree with Mrs. U - I absolutely LOVE the new signature!