Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Every morning on my way out to work, I look down on our cement porch to make sure there is nothing that I could step on. Baby bird, snake, big bug, etc. There are large bushes on either side of our porch, surrounded by I never know what might be there.

All clear! I thought to myself, what would I do if there was a snake on my porch? I reasoned that I would go back inside and call my husband and have him, or our landlord come and "get rid" it. After all, who wants a snake around in the bushes?

While getting into my car, I turned and looked back towards our apartment to spy something above our almost looked like a vine growing up the brick. I looked closer....A SNAKE!!!!

A snake was weaved around several bricks and just hanging out near our bedroom window. So, I called my husband very quickly. While I was on the phone with him, a neighbor was driving past. My neighbor saw me looking up and had stopped when suddenly the snake *jumped* backward! I quickly pointed up to the snake so my neighbor could see what had scared me.

In the end, my neighbor (who happens to be the landlord's son who lives in the complex) offered to get a pole to get the snake down. I really appreciate him being such a gentleman. Even though the snake probably wasn't dangerous...a snake is a snake in my book.

By the way: My Prince Charming was preparing to come rescue me :D


Mrs. U said...

Oh my word!!! I'd have died for sure!! I am ALWAYS the one that finds snakes in our yard! I'm not joking!!! And yes, I found one late Spring when we were planting flowers. What did I do? Scream, of course!! And the nice little snake slithered quickly away!

I am SO happy to know that the snake was quickly removed!!!

Mrs. U

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Thank goodness for gentlemen! i would have freaked out...I HATE snakes.