Monday, September 11, 2006

Pray for the Godfrey Family

Please pray this week for the Godfrey Family. Susan Godfrey is a wonderful woman who loves the Lord and who is expecting the birth of her baby Tuesday. The only thing, the baby has Potter's Syndrome. This is a serious disease which effects the kidneys. Unless a miracle takes place, the baby will most likely die a few short hours after birth.

The Godfrey's are Christians, which helps them cope in ways that other's wouldn't be able to understand. However, they still need our prayers. Susan needs our prayers for a safe delivery, she prays for a natural birth. Her family also needs prayers because unlike most family's when awaiting child birth, they will most likely be grieving shortly after.

Please pray for them every moment of the day, from now until Wednesday. The family will forever be effected, but these next few days will be the hardest.

Thank you, and please visit her blog for more info:

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