Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One thing about me.....

This was a question that I faced on my first day of Wellness class. Our instructor wanted us to introduce ourself to our neighbor, and our neighbor introduce themselves to us. We then had to introduce each other to the class and tell one thing about the person we were introducing. As the class began to fill with chatter to meet one anothers neighbor, the girl next to me and I just looked at one another.
"Okay...something about me..." I said to her. "Well, I really don't know what to say about me".

Meanwhile, in my head was swirling, I'm a Christian. Tell her that. No....I don't want to. Why not? Well, if I tell her then that's what she'll tell the whole class. I'd rather people notice that there is something different about me without being told that I'm a Christian.

So, I told her that I have a big family. (sigh) Have you ever been in this situation? What would you have done if asked for one thing to tell about yourself? Would it be that you are married? Have children? Or that you are a Christian?

Be honest.


Davene said...

Hi, Melissa!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I know what you mean about it feeling like forever since you've read other blogs. I find that especially now since Tobin was born, I can't keep up with all the ones I'd like to read! Oh, for more time... :)

Anyway, as far as your post, I think it's important to follow the Spirit's leading about when to announce at the beginning of a relationship that you're a Christian and when to let it be known gradually through the way you live. I don't think there's one right answer for every situation. Know what I mean?

Melissa said...

yes! I know exactly what you mean. That's an excellent way of putting it, "Follow the Spirit's leading", I appreciate that so much.

Melissa :D

New Mom said...

Melissa, I was worried about you. I e-mailed Mrs.U to see if you were ok but she didn't reply. If I remember correctly you guys know each other? Anyway, I am glad to see you are back!

Candy :) said...

HI Melissa :)
I agree too that we should follow the spirits leading.
And..there is no right answer.
For me personally, I would have said Im a Christian...only because for me, I grew up a pastors daughter and my Dad raised me to be bold about my faith so ever since I was young, I just never had a problem with telling people that right up front. It just comes naturally for me. Doesnt mean to say that "right"..its is I dont struggle with what to do in that particular situation. But at the same time, I dont brag about it or anything or come off as a relgious nut ;) I try to be more of a spiritual fruit than religious nut hahaa ;)
There was a time I did struggle with listening to God spirit in me once when I did not want to go up to the alter for prayer one time when I really needed to be prayed for. So, I didnt do it. But the following sunday I made sure I did, and I recieved healing when I listened to Gods spirit in me.
This was a nice post. And you are a wonderful godly lady.

Mrs. U said...

Hi Melissa!!
Well, it seems to me that if the first thing you thought of was "I'm a Christian", then that probably WAS the Lord's leading. :) However, there have been PLENTY of times in my life when I've ignored that still, small voice and said nothing.

If I had been asked to tell one thing about myself, I know that "I'm a Christian" would have popped into my head, too. Following the Lord, learning to live a holy life set apart for Him is what makes me, well, me.

Knowing me, I usually give too much information. I would have said something like, "Just one? Goodness, well, I'm a Christian, I'm married to a godly man, we have sweet children and are praying for more."

Mrs. U

Steven Gabbard said...

I'm with Mrs. U on this one. The thought of letter her know you are a Christian was put into your head for a good reason. The devil didn't do it. Sin in its nature can cause us to hold back and not do/say what we know is right.

You missed an opportunity. You should have professed your faith and then others would have been watching you to see how you react to certain situations. They would have wanted you to fail, but you would have stood strong even during difficult times.

You missed a chance for someone to look at you and say, "So that is what it means to live a life as a Christian."

You can't change what has happened in the past, but take advantage of it in the future. You're not afraid to let people know you are a Republican and do not wait for them to pick up on clues on their own, so don't hold off on letting others know you are a Christian. Maybe there was another in the room who has also been holding back and is longing for the friendship with a fellow believer.