Thursday, March 13, 2008

Silda Wall Spitzer

This lady really needs your prayers right now! As you all know, her husband, former Gov. Eliot Spitzer did a terrible thing. Everyone is telling her to leave her "cheating husband", who I'm sure she loves. She needs your encouragement during this time. E-mail her and give her your support and encouragement to keep her commitment to her husband.


Anonymous said...

Hi Silda... you are a beauitful woman and im pretty sure u act upon that. What i mean is your attitude. Mrs. Spitzer im only 17yrs. of age and i never really had a boyfriend, but i do love god and i know what to accept and what all women should have in their lives reguarding to a man. Its so hard to fimd a good one, especially in my generation. It's even hard for a guy to notice such a good women because all they want is a Hoochy. you know thats the truth. But your husband cheated on you, thats okay because what goes around comes around, now im not sayin you going out and cheating on him, but god has many plans and he sees all the pain and trouble there is. Do you pray?? because if so then u good girl, god has your back and anybody elses. Even though i do sometimes feel like he dont have mines but he does. Sometimes life just takes a long time to improve but when it does it will be enternal. But please pray and dont worry things will turn out for the good i promise beauitful lady..

Bethanie said...

good idea!