Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For

I'm thankful for:
-My hope and salvation in Jesus Christ (no matter what may happen in the World).
-My family and friends.
-A new job working with my mother-in-law .
-Wedding Showers, without them, we would have nothing for our home.
-My husband, Jonathan.
-A great church family and leadership for the past four years.
-A great network of blogging friends who love Jesus. Your blogs help keep me accountable as I see you living a life that honors God. What a joy it is to know that you ladies are there :D
-Soft throws to stay warm in.
-Memories of birthday parties at "Showbiz", now it's Chucky E Cheese.
-The Internet (and blogs :D )
-Pop (Soda) that burns my throat at the first drink.
-Reruns of Little House on the Prairie. This show can teach us so much about how some things
should be.
-Both sets of my parents helping make my wedding dreams come true.
-My "Granny" who put up with me the last four years and let me live with her. I've learned so much from her.
-Mrs U., she taught me as much about homemaking, family life, and a relationship with God that she could cram into the past four years.
-5 years of college education without being brainwashed (some of you will get my point :D ).
-The lessons God teaches me through other people.
-Sweet Tea
-Wonderful parents who worked hard, were always good natured people, and helped me make
wonderful childhood memories.
-Our landlord painting our apartment a beautiful light tan with clean white trimmings, beautiful.
-A soft bed to sleep in.
-Wonderful memories with my grandparents. Those gone on, and those still here.
-A washing machine and dryer, a vacuum and Orange Glo. The best parts of keeping a home.
-Clean water to drink.
-Knowing God is in control, the government is not.
-"Hug Times" with my Granny.
-Sunshine on a cold day.
-My blogging friends. I consider anyone whose blog I adore, and those who read mine as my friend. I really call you my friend :D
-God's Word that is always available to safely read.
-America....where I can safely read my Bible and go to church.
-Great books that get me thinking, including: Stepping Heavenward, Lies Women Believe, and
The Excellent Wife
-Firecracker Chicken Wraps from Long Horns.
-Thanksgiving. There's no gifts to open, just fellowship to enjoy.


Davene said...

Melissa, thank you for stopping by my blog again; it's great to reconnect! And CONGRATULATIONS to you on your recent wedding!!! Thank you for showing that a bride can look beautiful and radiant...and still be modest. What a concept. ;) Enjoy your Thanksgiving; I liked your thankful list a lot!

Christa said...

So much to be thankful for! Have a great one...rejoicing with you in the gifts of the Father. Thanks for the prayers and sympathy for my husband and his coworkers. They all need them!

Imperfect said...

I just love your list! And I definitely agree with you on being thankful for a soft bed to sleep in. Nothing like cozy covers and comfy sheets at the end of a long day!