Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beanie Babies in the Attic

The other day while working at our new home, I found a trash bag full of Beanie Babies in the attic.  Later that evening I told my husband and he joked that we could sell them on Ebay or something like that.

Today while at work, I had a visitor.  Let me catch you up, The man who lived in our home before we bought it had divorced from his second wife.  His first wife died of Ovarian Cancer at 28.  Left behind in the home was some photos and toys that belonged to the son of the man and the young woman who had passed.  I had already planned on packing up those treasures and giving them to her family, some were even photos of the young woman before she passed away at Disney World, possibly her last trip.  

Today the woman's mother came to me at work and sweetly asked if the man (her former son-in-law) had left anything behind that might have belonged to her daughter. I proceeded to tell her everything I could think of, however, it only belonged to the son (he was five or six when his mother passed).  

Then it hit me, "There are some Beanie Babies in the attic.  Do they belong to the little boy?"

She smiled and said, "Those were his mothers, she collected one every place she visited....for him."  

You know the saying, "Your trash, is someone's treasure."  This gave new meaning to that phrase, this is one of the few treasures she has to hang onto that came out of that home....where her daughter drew her last breath.  That might weird some people out, but it makes me want to feel my home with as much love as we can stand.


Mrs. U said...

How great that you just didn't toss those in the trash!!! What a blessing to her mother!!!!

Mrs. U

Katie said...

That really is wonderful! I'm thankful you could give her that at this time. I can't even imagine what it is like to walk in her shoes. What a blessing a bunch of beanie babies became.

Hayley Kathryn said...

Wow! How strange it is that you found them just before she came to visit you! Maybe God sent her your way on purpose to gather those things to lift her spirits!
It's funny that I actually have boxes of beanie babies in my attic. I need to get rid of them!