Saturday, September 11, 2010

Update on Uncle Gary!

Uncle Gary got to come home today.  He was hardly able to talk, but I got to talk to him a little bit.  My dad said Uncle Gary was grinning the entire time!  Oh I love it!

Today is my Mamaw's birthday, on 9-11.  A bittersweet day in my opinion.  Mamaw is my uncle's primary caregiver.  As his mother, it has been hard on her to see him suffer as of late.  What a wonderful birthday present it was for Uncle Gary to come home!  The Lord knew she needed that today!

I had to work today so we can meet a deadline on Tuesday.  I was afraid the day was spent, but as soon I got home I worked in the yard.  Rain interrupted my work, so I came in and cooked supper.  Afterward, I washed FIVE loads of clothes/bedding! 

I feel accomplished.  Thank you, Lord!  Lastly, I'm praying for those still suffering from 9-11-01.  I cannot imagine the hurt they experience day after day. 

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Mrs. U said...

YAY for your uncle coming home!! I will keep praying for him!!

And happy birthday to your Mamaw!!!

May our country NEVER forget 9-11... although I think some of our leaders already have. Sad.

Mrs. U