Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How Do YOU Get Rid of the "Blahs?"

This evening I have been feelings so "blah." You know the feeling. Not sick, just "blah." What tends to help me is some hot tea with honey!

What helps you get rid of the "blahs?"

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Katie said...

You reminded me of when the blahs overtake us for more than an evening. You know, patients I think. I've had times of blahs where it just meant patients waiting for me to get out of them. I've heard, eating healthy, working out, bubble baths, a massage, chocolate but sometimes when God is taking is through a bit of blahs, we get it when we are through it. I'm speaking from my recent several months of blah. I had to cling to God just to hear any hint of a faint whisper.

I also love tea! Super yums!