Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Second Trimester

 Me at 12.5 weeks

Today I officially entered the second trimester of pregnancy...14 weeks!  I am very excited about what this trimester holds.  I look forward to being sick less, finally feeling Baby's movements (Baby has been kicking and moving around for a while, with tiny arms and legs too small for me to feel), and having a more pregnant belly versus a bulge. :D

My most asked question is:  Do you want to find out what you are having?  YES!  I want to be as prepared as possible for this first one.  Though I think being surprised at birth could be fun, but maybe down the road after we have had one of each and will be prepared for either.  

The next question is:  When will you find out what you are having?  My first appointment is the first part of September.  It is with a new doctor, so I'm not sure if he will try to determine the gender or not.  I sure hope so!

I have to say, entering this second trimester provides such a relief for me.  I have been anxious about the baby's health nearly the whole pregnancy.  I had a couple scares, but I am amazed at the mercy the Lord has shown us with the baby.  Please keep us in your prayers!  They are much appreciated.


Charree said...

I will be praying for you and your precious little one!

Anonymous said...

You look just so dern good so far. I love the top on you. I had a stripe maternity shirt I wore almost everyday. Stipes rock. Congratulations on starting the second trimester. This is the fun part. :)I felt like superwoman during those three months.

Rachel said...

Dear Melissa,
Today I found your blog, and what a wonderful blessing that was for me. Thank you so much for sharing so much about so many areas of life that all feel so relevant and important to me. I greatly value your honestly with which you think and investigate about life and living as a godly woman for the Lord. Oh Melissa I so do share your desire to be a godly woman and finding your blog after just ‘by chance’ googling this topic is such an encouragement and blessing!! Thank you dear sister!!
I hope it is okay to write to your e mail and that you will have time to read and reply because I would love to make contact and be friends. I got saved 3rd May 2010, the day before my 22nd birthday!, and got baptised 3rd July 2010, praise the Lord!!! I was doing my training to be a pathology lab scientist in Norwich, UK. It was an amazing, amazing experience for me to be truly and completely forgiven of all my sins which are so great and horrible. My best friend told me after that she had been praying for me ever since we met three years ago!! I thank the Lord for her so much every day!! When we met in uni I thought I was a Christian already, just like you talk about in one of your articles. It is so true that we can very easily mistake being ‘an obedient, well brought up', girl for being an authentic Christian woman. So when my friend’s parents really challenged me about needing to know the Lord personally and calling on the name of the Lord to receive His forgiveness, mercy, love and the Holy Spirit, it hurt me so much and I cried loads. That turned out to be only one week before I was finally saved by Jesus. I think my friend is my best friend because she loved me enough to invite me home and for her family to talk with me, even though it was so so so hard and painful for us both at the time. Isn’t it amazing how God works? She is my angel!!
With lots of love and hugs,
Your sister! :)
Rachel Ann xxx

Rachel said...

Hiya sis, its me again just finishing my previous message - sorry its so long!!!!!
Now that we have finished uni my best friend is going to do full time Christian training in London. I am so thrilled for her and excited. I admire how on fire for the Lord she is and I look up to her as my sister in the Lord. The schedule there is so intense and strict but I believe she is devoted enough to really do well and to grow and serve the Lord. I miss her so much though because we were always together. We always studied together and my real home was always her house and her parents looked after me so sweetly. Aaaaa this is going to be hard time. I know she will write to me when she can. I have prayed about doing the training with her but I don’t feel that it was what I am intended for. I want to serve the Lord but in a way like you do, caring for your husband and forthcoming child!!
Oh at this point I must say how thrilled I am that you are expecting your first baby and starting your second trimester!!! – oooooo thats so exciting and wonderful. Dear Melissa, I pray that God will really take care of you and the baby that all will go very well and smoothly. Your husband Jonathan is going to be a father!!!!! I can’t imagine how thrilled he must be!!! I love all the sweet photos of the two of you on honeymoon – it is obvious how happy and in love you both are. I really value the example that you are to me of a young woman seeking to be an excellent homemaker and how you demonstrate the honour there is in being a feminine lady. The trend to make men and women the same feels horrible to me – God has made us different for different roles hasn’t he? –but both are honourable for each. There is nothing more attractive to me than a manly man who takes his role seriously and appreciates a lady who takes hers seriously too. That is how I want to be. I have really enjoyed your comments about how we should care about the expression we have on a faces – when I am unhappy about something people tell me it is so obvious even when I try to hide it. Friends have mimicked it to me and it is horrible!!! Oh to keep my face pleasant!!!! :)
Since getting baptised in the sea at Cromer – boy it was so cold!!!! – I feel I am at the beginning of a journey in which so much change has to take place in me to make me a godly lady fit to be a godly wife for a special man and a godly mother for our children. I think my pride and selfishness have really seemed to get so big since being saved and I feel that I am getting worse. I have more arguments with my mum about silly things and I am so slow to say sorry. Oh, I feel so frustrated with myself and sometimes cannot understand why God saved me. I don’t have a boyfriend and hate to think that may be it’s because I am not fit yet. So I am desperate to grow. That’s what I love about your blog because you and the others who write all share in that same desire but are all much further than I am. Please would you write to me? I want to be fit for a godly husband in the future and to serve the Lord by being a good woman for Him.
I am so sorry for going on such a long time. Please forgive me for all my ramblings – I do hope you have time to reply. Thank you so much again dear sister for what you are doing with your blog – it really is great - go for it gal!!! Hahaha :)
With much love and hugs
Rachel xxx