Monday, May 21, 2007

Where Have I Been?!?!

I suppose it's rather annoying to visit my blog only to see that my last post was weeks ago! Oh dear friends, I have so much to write to you about!

This past week after school finals were over, I was able to leave town for four days to visit with my family in Florida. My beautiful sister, Casey was graduating high school! This was a wonderful time to be with my family, but oh how I have missed my blogging friends!

During my time off my mind has been going constantly on things I want to write about next. Here is a list that has been on my heart to "write home" about:

"Cleaning out, Shaping up, and Fixin' up God's Temple....ME!"
"The Perfect Adoption"
"Not So Hot about Hotmail"
"Not Stopping Here...." - Supporting Our Soldiers
"Christian Women Voting"
and "My Boss"

Hopefully, you'll come back soon and check my blog for updates!


Mrs. U said...

I definitely look forward to your upcoming posts!!! I LOVE how you've given us a little peek into what's coming soon!!!

Congratulations to your sister for graduating!!! What a wonderful time of life!! :)

I am very glad to "see" you back!!!

Mrs. U

Candy said...

Missed you but glad your back :)