Monday, July 16, 2007

ABC News-The Place for Liberals

I've decided, let the liberals at ABC air what they want, but I'm not taking part. ABC News will not be watched by me! Wonder why? Pay close attention, especially to World News with Charles Gibson, just watch what they air, and in the manner in which it's shown....


Mrs. U said...

Thankfully, we don't get this station. We have satellite and don't get any of the networks. There are SOOO many bad shows on these days. The news is full of celebrity talk and gossip. Silliness. "Family" shows should still have at least a PG-13 rating on them. Goodness!! And even if you can find a decent show on TV, the commercials in between the show are HORRIBLE!!!!!

Nancy Leigh DeMoss mentions on her site that during August she is hosting a 30 day TV free challenge. Could the majority of the world handle NO TV for 30 days????

Mrs. U

New Mom said...

OOOH, they make me so mad! I can't stand the way that they refer to the President! Did you see the recent ?press conference? he held on the update of war progress. They were so disrespectful:(