Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"The Bible doesn't say anything about...."

.....cussing, drinking, choices in clothing......or does it? These days, many Christians feel it is okay to cuss, drink as long as you're not getting drunk, and wear clothing showing cleavage as long as it's tasteful.

As a Christian, where do you stand on the above topics? Where does scripture point you? Just something to think about.......

More to come....


Candy said...

MY opinion... :)
First of all, I dont do any of those things: cuss, drink or show clevage.
Because, I believe it can hurt our testimony if we do. The world is looking at us as Christians. We are to stand apart from the rest of the world the Bible says, to be different. We dont want non-Christians looking at us and saying "well, that Christian is no different than me, she dresses the same, does the same stuff, Im just as good. If thats what a Christian looks like, might as well call me a Christian".
The Bible actually does say a few things about this stuff..
1) that our bodies are the temple of the holy spirit. We are not to do anything that would poison, potentially harm (as in alcohol) etc. Our bodies are to be pure!
2) We should not do anything that could cause another Christian to possibly sin. If we as Christian women are going around showing cleavage, we are causing other men, even married Christian men, to lust after us. Thus, sin.
3) Everything we do should honor God. I cant imagine a filthy mouth, showing skin, drinking, would honor God.
Whether or not drinking is permitted according to the bible, it is crystal clear we are to never get drunk. Is anyone able to say for certain that they can stop at one drink, one sip, without re-pour? The Bible says without question we are not to indulge in that. That is where alot of people go wrong.
I stay away from alcohol completely. It is a drug and an addiction. I dont need it in my life.
These things are just not something I consider as pure. With the world watching, I want to be seen as woman totally and completely after Gods own heart!! I cant be that woman if Im drinking, cussing and wearing revealing clothing. I am just being a luke warm Christian. And I never want to be that.

Thanks for this interesting topic. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts :) I look forward to your continuation on this.

Your friend,

A Note From Theresa said...

Hello, I was sent over here from Candy's blog.

Good questions. If you came and take a look at my blog, I think it will be easy for you to see where I stand.

Don't worry, I'm a good blogger ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Candy's post brought me over here... and I thought I'd give you my perspective I wrote back in March... I think there's some typos in there -- I'll try to fix them later so it makes sense.. I'm off to work now though haha Have a great day! :)


I think Candy says it a plain as it can be said. I heard it said one time if it takes 10 beers to make you drunk then with one you are 1/10 drunk. It changes our ability to think clearly. I just wanted to add that little bit. I can't imagine the Lord drinking, cussing, showing his private parts,So he is our example, we are to be like Him. "Christian means Christ like." connie from Texas

JSU said...

I always have to ask myself, "does it have the appearance of evil?" To me, that's touché.

Lean Not said...

"Be ye holy, for I am holy." That sums it up pretty well!

Mrs. U said...

I just awarded you the "Nice Matters Award"!! Go to my blog and read about it when you get a chance!! :)

Mrs. U

Jess said...

Like Candy, I don't do any of those things. :)

But I have friends who do, whose hearts are pure and who have different convictions on each of those things.

For example, in parts of Ireland (as I understand it), cussing is not filthy. It's just part of their vernacular. (Of course, certain words may have meanings that are bad and should be avoided, but what I mean is that they don't have the same *offensive* quality that the same words may have in the US.)

In many parts of the world, Christians have a long heritage of drinking alcohol (moderately) because their food is not as sanitary as ours in the US, and it helps with digestion (if you remember, the Apostle Paul gave the same warning to someone in one of his epistles). Other Christian friends of mine feel freedom to drink a glass of wine (again, this is in moderation) with their husbands in the privacy of their own homes as a way to unwind together. Some have been advised to do so by their doctors because of medical issues. Regardless, seeing as how our Lord Himself drank wine in moderation, I'm not sure we can take an absolutist stand on this and have an across the board conviction that should stand for every Christian.

For my husband and I, in our home, we have determined not to drink even a small amount of wine. But I refuse to judge others who drink wine moderately, seeing as how the NT is threaded with references to wine.

As to modesty, this is a no-brainer for Christian women. We are not to stir up any lust in others by wearing clothes that are seductive and alluring. For me, that has meant, when moving overseas, that I now wear long ankle-length skirts 75% of the time here. (I do occasionally go to the store in khaki pants or something, but for the most part, I wear long skirts.) It is not for my own comfort that I do so (although I have begun to enjoy it more since wearing them)... it is because I don't want to be alluring to anyone other than my husband. I don't want to be a stumbling block. And I certainly don't want someone to miss out on being able to focus on God and what He might be saying to them because of something I'm wearing (like in a church setting, etc.).

Good questions- some with clear answers, some not. But all interesting.

:) Jess

Melissa said...

Have we forgotten about the APPEARANCE OF EVIL? Or do we not care about that either?

Patti Blount said...

I noticed this is an old post, but still a very alive issue now since the cleavage showing is still going on. I am so upset at all of this, and I guess I feel a little "outcast" and rejected, but then Jesus warns us that we will be, so I accept it. What really hurts is in seeing my once modest daughter and daughter-in-laws compromising what they, at one time, knew by the Spirit of God, what His will was concerning this. They have succumbed to the pull of the world , justifying their actions by their "freedom" in Christ, and honestly believing that those who don't see it this way are religious or legalistic. In other words, they believe they were once in bondage to the law in this (when actually they were hearing the Spirit) and now they "see" and are free!! How the enemy is teaching his doctrines in these last days and causing once on fire and holy saints to compromise and lower their standards, all the while thinking they have been delivered from something. This spiritual blindness is manifested in things like showing cleavage, and not even being aware of it's impurity or it's effect. When my daughter-in-law came over one time, my husband leaned back in the conmputer chair and had to act like he was tired and resting his eyes, so he wouldn't have her cleavage in his face. I saw this happening, but I think she and my son were totally unaware. I am beside myself in knowing what I can do to help them.

~~Deby said...

I so agree with the comment above me and the others...
IF it could cause someone to stumble,cause someone to lust, to sin, to think less of my Saviour because of my actions then my feeling is NO, don't do it...
Dare to be the Christian the Lord would have you to be.