Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Modesty: Is it really a no brainer?

One reader of my blog said that they believe that modesty is a "no brainer". Basically, that means that there's nothing to think about in terms of modesty, it's just there. I disagree. If modesty is a no-brainer, then why do we have Christian women showing cleavage to everyone, and Christian men walking around without their shirts on? If modesty is a no-brainer, perhaps those people don't have brains (which is impossible).

More to come.....


LisaM said...

I think I understand what you, and your reader, mean. If one has a modest attitude - humble, reverent, sober minded - then modesty won't even be an issue: one will do all they can to dress and behave in a glorifying way. On the other hand, many young Christians, or those who have been steeped in the world, don't understand what being humble or reverent mean either, and need to be gently instructed, so that, maybe very quickly, it will take "no brains" to know what to do either.

Melissa said...


VERY well said. You're right about saying that about those who have been "steeped in the world". It's very true that a lot of Christians are being pulled, allowing themselves, into the world, so here they are not knowing what's godly or ungodly. However, shouldn't they feel conviction from the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is constantly reminding me what is not modest. For example, I wore a pair of jeans to work today (at the Bakery), that unless they grow, or I shrink, I can't wear them anymore.

Thanks for your comment, you're right on.

-Melissa :D

A Note From Theresa said...

That is really a neat response to that "no brainer" comment. I look forward to the rest of your thought on this subject.

Candy said...

Cant wait to the rest! Excellent post!
I see women in my church all the time that show clevage...in church!! Its not majorly showing but still, its noticable! Its not right. Why do women want to dress like that? Im a fairly attractive lady ;) (if I do say so myself hahaa) but I would NEVER, ever show clevage, not even a little. I just don think its right. I dont want other men & Christian men lusting after me.
The bottom line is I want to be a woman after Gods own heart...I cant be that if people are questioning me by how I dress/by dressing provactive..
They SHOULD feel conviction from the Holy Spirit. I think maybe at first they might have and then they eventually tune it out. They see it being more and more acceptable so they dont care anymore. Its the same with TV shows. I am shocked how many Christians watch all the popular tv shows. The bible says our eyes are the window to our souls and what we look at (clevage), tv shows (language, violance, sexuality etc etc etc) all goes to the very core of us. Why would we want to do that to ourselves. What disturbes me is whats next. Now that showing skin, and all the tv shows is "in" for Christians, what else are we going to tolerate. I for one, have had enough. Id like to see people stand up and say its not right! Maybe I have to find a different church..I dunno ?
Great post :)

Gina said...

I have been wanting to write a post about modesty as well! I live on a christian college campus, where my husband is on staff. The clothing that we see the young women wear is shocking. I really do believe that the way a woman dresses shows so much about their hearts, and what they are focusing on. I see more and more that our culture is what women are concentrating on, and not biblical instruction. The tv shows that most of these young girls watch are horrible, and that is what they are soaking their minds in..."Grey's Anatomy", " Friends" , etc. What we are immersed in will show, because it is what is influencing us most. I think that women like the attention they get when they are dressed like this...and I think that it is popular now for Christian women to want to be considered "sexy". As our world gets worse...unfortunately the "church" is not far behind. That is why we need to be soaking ourselves in the Word of God!!!!

Syra said...

Tammy Faye Messner professed Christ, yet dressed like a prostitute. Her last dreadful appearance on Larry King live was not glorifying to God. I truly believe God sent judgment on her for her presenting Christ as a pimp. Someone here posted that some are so steeped in the world, I guess they can't help showing their nakedness, but it matters not if they are so steeped in the world, God's laws still apply. Will gravity not apply if I don't kow about it? The sould that sins shall die. fiftyish Paula White, aging Joyce Meyers, aging Darlene Bishop will all be brought into judgment by God for shsowing cleavage that no decent person wants to see. Their judgment is a sure thing.
IF a woman really does know and love God, there is no way she will expose her uncovered body to a lost and dying world.
A young pastor on TBN actually was wearing a shirt unbuttoned down to the second or third button. I alctually got scard for him knowing he will be sorry.
"Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man." Isaiah 47:3 which means that men may like the cleavage and bare thighs, but God said when he meets the woman he will not meet her as a man.
My concern is the dreadfull message it sends to young girls that it is okay to dress like a whore while professing Christ, and it is also a seduction of young men by the Jezebel spirit.
Yolanda Adams has dressed exactly like a whore right on TBN, and the Crouches will give account for allowing it. Jan with her silicon boobs, collagen injected lips and pink hair thinks she will escape, but God is holy I really don't think he has changed.
Cry aloud and spare not and tell the house of Jacob their sins.

Elizabeth said...

WARNING: rant.

Most of the time, modesty is a no brainer to me because it was wired into my head as a child. I grew up with a few extra pounds and I naturally wanted to hide it with more clothing. Tank tops were out of the question. Nowadays if I'm ever 'too revealing', I can actually feel it. I feel myself bare and it's as if I'm naked in front of a crowd. I'm glad God made modesty a natural part of my life because it's so rare to find in teens these days. Most of my friends aren't as modest as I.

It's not just media, but the people who make the clothes. Manufacturers tell children what to wear. Would you feel comfortable with your 7 year old wearing a bikini from Wal-Mart because that's what they're marketing and that's what she wants based off of Hannah Montana? It's ridiculous. The reason for bikinis is to show off your body and to attract boys. What child attracts boys at that age with their BODY? If any, it makes one prime target for a child molester. Thanks Wal-mart, for getting my child abducted.(I'm apologize, favorite Super-market, for using you as an example.)

LisaM is right on. If you don't have good values, then modesty is out of your vocabulary. Whatever happened to being kind, a good listener, humble, giving, ect...to get a date with a guy? Whatever happened to being beautiful? These traits and the ones listed by LisaM are beautiful. It's what makes a person glow, besides pregnancy. So what happened? Now, if you want a guy to ask you out...you need sex appeal, you have to be flirtatious (or aggressive...), and you have to be willing to give up your virginity; if you haven't already. And the way one likes another is by being mean, it's absurd. Why, why, why...would you be mean to the one you like? It's called flirting, dear. Guy pokes girl in the side of the stomach (which happens EVERYWHERE! where did this originate from anyways?) and it means I love you? Give me a break. Good Lord help these children...

I am part of a very conservative church but ours is losing its way. Women at church dress up like fashion divas because they've got the money and the body for it. They're stunning, but I have a feeling that that's not what God would like to see. Fashion has almost become a contest, and a factor in how you gain friends. Me being conservative...and not rich enough to buy clothes like theirs, I have stayed the same. Plain and boring. But you know what, I've got my values. And that's what makes me beautiful. Pencil skirts, high heels, tight shirts...Lord have mercy on them. Help them come back to the flock.

Let us look at the core of modesty:

The reason why we cover up is so our brothers or sisters in Christ (or even the unconverted), will not stumble. We don't want them to lust because that is adultery or fornication in our hearts. And those are both sin. Sin leads to Hell, dear. We are literally sending our brothers and sisters in Christ, to Hell. If you have the true converted heart, then you love your brothers and sisters and you wouldn't cause them to sin. You would help them on their journey to God.

The real reason I'm here is because I wanted to find some more insight about high heels. They look cute and fashionable, but I thought more about why they are used (because they are painful and I've always used flats!) and I realized that they added the sex appeal that is so required in order to get a date; as previously stated in my paragraph about the current high school realm. I want to dress modestly. And I consider anything that adds sex appeal, not modest. Heels are out of the question. Thank you for your time.

Melissa said...

Wow, very well said Elizabeth!

So often some of the very things you pointed out are ignored by Christians because society has influenced us so much that we don't even realize the core issues.

As for high heels, I have seen some very immodest ones lately. I have some heels that are comfy and very tasteful, but maybe considered too boring for some, that's okay. Many women (young and older) are wearing heels to church that look like they belong on a stripper. I will not be wearing them!