Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm Moving!!!! Not so hot about Hotmail

I'm fed up with MSN, so I'm moving my e-mail account! Yep, look at this! I'm so tired of MSN and their anti-conservative/children/marriage views, pro-feminism, and EXTREMELY LIBERAL WAYS, and beliefs! I'm moving my e-mails and contacts and ending a 9+ year relationship with Hotmail! Sigh....sometimes you have to do, what you have to do.....

I'm Anti-MSN!

**Only read the article with awareness that people are really messed up (obviously, they need the Lord). I do not agree with anything this article says, or words that are used!**


A Note From Theresa said...

Blogger messed up on me, my new blog address is


Gina said...


Caroline said...

wow, I know you haven't posted in a while but I just wanted to tell you that I have learned so much from your blog! God recently convicted me against watching certain TV shows, especially Grey's anatomy, and last night I was just feeling so bored and wanted to turn on the tv and watch it, but instead I looked up "Christians Greys Anatomy", and I found your blog! And I think I've read every single post! So I hope that you keep posting! Thanks!

HanneJ said...

I'm so fascinated with people who are anti-"everything"!
How can this "God" think that some people are less worth than others, based on the sex of the person they love?
Young gay people have been harassed for so many years, and their suicide-rate is much higher than "the average teen".
May it be possible that Christians and their anti-gay belief has something to do with this?
If you ask me, it's not very godly to drive teens to suicide.

Melissa said...


God does not think some people are worth less than others, no one ever said that. Just because I do not condone the behaviors of others does not mean I do not have love for those people. We all sin and do things that we should not do that are against God and it seems to me that MSN is very open to the same sins that I try hard to keep out of my life.

As for teens committing suicide, just because homosexuality is a sin and does not honor the Lord, that does not mean that I, or any Christian for that matter, wants a gay person to commit suicide. Harassment is wrong and not something that Christians should take part in as it is ungodly.

One has to realize that a true Christian is a follower of Christ, not just a label like a skin color. Any person who harasses someone else is accountable for their own actions and may not be who they say they are (a follower of Christ, for example). Remember though, unlike murder, suicide is a choice. I think it is terrible that someone should feel so low to end their own life, but I would not blame that on a Christian, or anyone else for that matter.

Lastly, MSN is not for me because God changed my heart and I felt a strong conviction against it. Would you blame a vegetarian if he chose not to visit a site covered with raw meat? Of course not.

Thank you for your comment.