Sunday, February 10, 2008

Praise you Lord for my Birthday!

Yes, today was my birthday and it brought so much thanksgiving to my heart. Here are some of the things that touched my heart on my birthday:

-Hearing my 13+ family members all sing in unison "Happy Birthday" into the speaker phone, 450 miles away (I miss them terribly).

-Getting another phone call from my parents, just the two of them, singing "Happy Birthday". They do this every year and it never gets old. They usually battle to see who can say the last "and many more".

-Receiving the most beautiful handmade card from my best friend.

-Being sung "Happy Birthday" by my church family.

-Breakfast in bed, and Chinese for lunch followed by a long nap.

-My boyfriend who "can't" write cards, but made every word so touching.

-Getting a call from my birth mother and enjoying hearing her laugh.

-Realizing that each and every day is a gift from God and that He has blessed me with such a wonderful host of family and friends.

Lord, I am so thankful for blessing me as you have. Thank you for knowing me before anyone else, and forming me so gently. Lord, I praise you on my Birthday, and everyday for His.


Mrs. U said...

Happy Birthday, Melissa!!!

And breakfast in bed!! Your granny is SOOOO sweet!!!!

Mrs. U

Candy :) said...

Happy Birthday! May God bless you on your birthday and always



Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday! And nice to meet you!

My mom's birthday is the 10th as well. So, two special people born on the same day! :)

God bless

P.S. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing =)

Marie M said...

Thanks for your comment!!!
Hey Happy Birthday to you!!!
As Elizabeth said (my sister) my mom's birthday is the 10 also!!!
It sounds like you have a very special family! How many brothers and sisters do you have? Were you home schooled?
I ask because I was home schooled and it just seems like your a home school girl like me? Keep in touch please, I love your blog!

Marie M said...
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Melissa said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!!

Elizabeth and Marie: It's so good to meet ya'll! I was so confused for a long time because I didn't know ya'll were twins. I would visit one blog, and then later look at another and think "maybe I'm confused, because they look a lot a like!" Well, I must say, ya'll are both beautiful!!!

That's neat that your mother's birthday is on my birthday too. My boyfriend is a twin and his twin sister's husband has the same birthday as me too, neat huh?

Marie, I do have a special family. I have 3 half-sisters, a step brother and sister, and 1 biological brother. I have not known life without my siblings. If you add us all together I'm smack in the middle, three older, and three younger.

I wasn't homeschooled, although I am Pro-homeschooling. I went to public school and hated it. I will homeschool my children, however.

It is very good to meet you both. I'm going to start writing more on homemaking soon. Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

Melissa :D

Davene said...

Happy birthday!!! Glad you had a special day, even far from loved ones. I've had more of those than I care to count, but thank God for telephones and ways to keep in touch across the miles. My parents do the "call and sing happy birthday" thing, too, and it would definitely not seem like my birthday without it!!! :)

Chaela said...

Keep up the good work.