Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Defeat Gossip Challenge

It has been a huge burden on my heart for a long time now, and has recently been brought to my attention by others.....I have a bad, bad attitude. I do not know when it started, but I have been on this mean streak that MUST come to an end. Bad thoughts and attitudes towards others has brought gossip out of my mouth and unkindness out of my heart.

To help me with this HUGE problem, which has progressed over time, I'm going to take one day at a time to banish my bad attitude (which brings forth gossip).

Everyday I will carry an index card with a new "step" to defeat gossip. Here is where I found my so-called "steps."

Tomorrow: "Think godly thoughts of others" Will you join me in this fight (flesh and spirit)?

UPDATE: Today I tried to turn thoughts of others to good thoughts about them. I was confused at what it meant to "think godly thoughts of others". What does that mean to you? To be "godly" and think well of others? Or to think of ways people are godly?


Theresa said...

Excellent idea!! De-lurking to say Yes, I will join you! Headed to copy down the suggestions now.

Mrs. U said...

Hi Melissa!!!
Been there and done that and, by the grace of God, when this same thing rears its ugly head again in my life, I'll go running to the cross!!!!!!

I will most definitely be praying for you!! :)

Mrs. U

Dead Theologians said...

I think the focus is for you to be godly in your thoughts as opposed to worldly in your thoughts of others.

It is easy to dislike, wish bad upon, or to relish at someone's demise. At times it is hard to pray for the ungodly and to pray God's blessing on the ones who have hurt you.


Mrs. U said...

I guess to "think godly thoughts about others" would mean to think the same kind of thoughts that the Lord would think- to have the mind of Christ.

Do I always do this? Oh dear, no. I struggle. Boy, do I struggle. My heart can be so mean sometimes. The Lord is good to point out areas that need His work. And He always reminds me that I spend too little time in His Word and in prayer with Him. Sigh.

Mrs. U