Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Meme!

I've been playing opossum since my Honeymoon, so I'll kick off my new re-commitment (hehe) to blogging with a Christmas Meme hosted by Charree at "Held in His Hands".

Come on, join in the fun!

Christmas Favorites!
Christmas Tree: Real or Fake?

Fake: I love it because the lights are already in it and once Christmas is over, the tree comes apart and goes in storage. No worries about where to dump it legally after Christmas.

I love real trees though, I grew up with them. Fakes are more convenient.

Ornament: I have two favorite ornaments this year.

The first one is one that my mother-in-love gave me. I love it because it describes what I enjoy.....baking.

This next one was a gift from a former employer, and friend for our wedding shower. They are painted chocolate covered strawberries dressed as a bride and groom! Too cute! As funny has it looks, they MUST be next to one another on the tree! MUST! :D

Christmas Song:

I love so many of the church Christmas hymns. I really can't choose my favorite there. I love "Carol of the Bells." I really love "Christmas Cannon" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Check out a video here!

Christmas Tradition:

Every Thanksgiving evening my family would put up the Christmas tree, and each of us kids would take our own box full of ornaments and put them on the tree. Every year my parents buy us each an ornament to go on the tree, often symbolizing what has happened that year in our lives. Next, our parents would put theirs on. Afterward the kids would draw names, spouses included, for the coming Christmas.

This year my family had to do it without me, although I did call and they passed the phone around so everyone could say "hello". I miss that very much but will look forward to starting a new tradition with my little family in the coming years.

Favorite Gift as a Child?

My all time favorite Christmas gift was my stuffed dog, Ruff, that I got when I was three. My sister and I both got one for Christmas, mine was brown and white, and hers was gray and white. I have slept with mine every single night, until just recently when I got 23 years old.

He sits up in my closet now in mine and my husbands bedroom, so every time I open the closet door...I see him. *sigh*

Christmas Meal:

Christmas meal is usually spent in Kentucky at my grandmothers for dinner, and then supper at my aunt's. It very much like Thanksgiving meal.


I have many favorites! Every year my parents make batches of cookies and candies for my three siblings and I to enjoy with our families. My parents enjoying spending this time together and it's a real treat to get full to the brim, canisters from our parents. They are so good to us.

Place to be:

With family, of course!

Favorite Memory:

One year my brother went our in the woods when we lived in the hills of Kentucky and cut done a tree with a hammer and tiny, tiny....saw. The tree was so heavy and they had to pull it up big hills. They said they would pull the tree so far, then go back and get their bikes, then go back for the tree again....until they reached home. I love that!

Christmas Movie:

The Grinch! LOVE IT!

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Mrs. U said...

FUN!!! I LOVE hearing Christmas memories from others!!!

So sad about Ruff, though. All stuck in a closet, bless his heart!! My Teddy? Well, he has a prominent place on my dresser. :)


Mrs. U