Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Six Month Celebration

Last Friday, my husband and I hit our first six months of marriage. It has been such an amazing adventure since we have gotten married. The things that we have learned about one another are incredible. Just when I thought I knew it all :D

I have loved being Jonathan's wife these past six months. Has it been easy? No. But has it been wonderful? YES! The times it has been hard is when I'm having to learn more about MYSELF. It is very easy to get offended when I cook something he doesn't care much for. Or get tired of doing things around the house. Truth of the matter is, sometimes I don't even like some of the things I cook! I'm learning what dishes we like, and don't like. And when it comes to working around the house, I like to do it myself...the way I like to do it. It's just so easy for me to get the, "I do all the work around here" attitude, even though he offers. Don't worry. I don't get that way often...but it has crept up a couple times. The Holy Spirit quickly convicts me and I must ask for forgiveness from my husband. I love taking care of the home, so it's really my joy to do it!

The Lord has incredibly blessed Jonathan and I. He has provided so many things and wonderful opportunities for us. He as blessed us with a great church and church family. Even though we currently rent an apartment, we enjoy our home so much. It is our first home together and we know that God has richly blessed our home...even though we don't deserve it. Our friends and family were so generous to us in the gifts they gave us. I look around our home and so much of this we would not have if it weren't for them.

I love that I married my best friend. I love being at home from work before he gets home. I love cooking his favorite meals for him. I love how he says, "YES!" when he hears we are having pork chops!

I love our Bible Studies together every night. After we got back from our honeymoon, we began reading in the book of Genesis. I'll never forget giggling as he would read. I know that sounds so bad....but it was a happy giggle. He would read aloud and as he would read, "And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament," I could not control myself. It was just so new and hearing him read, I was like a little giddy teenager. We have come a long way :D It is so amazing to grow together...and to pray together.

I love how we sit at the table together even after supper and just talk. We talk about one another's day, and what we have planned for the rest of the evening at home. We definitely spend a lot of time laughing at the table as well. Our grandparents would send us to bed early for sure for "snickering" at the supper table :P

I love that even though Jonathan is head of the finances, he always wants my input on what I think. Sometimes I don't know, so he'll explain to me the situation and how it could work best for us. I think sometimes he just wants to talk about it, and I'm obliged to listen. :D

Being the "grown-ups" in our home, often means still being kids. We race each other up the stairs. We see who can find a book in the Bible first (we do this at church too....he gets a Texas-sized grin when he finds it first). And sometimes, just sometimes, we have cinnamon rolls for supper...or candy for breakfast.

Even after six months, I will look at my dear Husband and say to him, "Can you believe we are married?" He always says, "Yes," and grins. He is a wonderful husband. :D

The great thing about it, I know that the best is yet to come!


Bethanie said...

Congrats! I love the silly times.

Katie said...

Congrats on the six months. My hubby and I celebrate five years in July. I can hardly believe I've been married let alone for five years. I'm excited you have such a great guy. Yup the best guys are taken..'cause we gott'em! :)

Melissa said...

Bethanie: Thank you! I love the silly times too! I would imagine many marriages are missing them. :(

Katie: Thank you! Five years?! Congratulations in advanced, that's wonderful! Yes, we do have great guys, indeed! :D

Miss Jen said...

What a beautiful post! :)
Congratulations on your 6 month
Anniversary!! May the Lord bless you both richly!

Love in Christ,
Miss Jen

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Awww, happy 6 months! It only gets better from here on out! :)

Charree said...

Congratulations! The time really flies, especially when there is some silliness mixed in.

Have a blessed day!

Moody said...

Congrats, It is amazing how fast the time passes us...
we are zcouple.com are 11 month married now and on June 7th we will celebrate one year.. can't wait..

Thumperdd said...

Congratulations! What a blessing to get along as well as you do. Glad you both enjoy being silly together. That really helps take the edge off when things are stressful.

May you enjoy many years together! AND, glad you're back...we've missed your posts!


Sarah Rose said...

It sounds like your first six months have been such fun! The newlywed days go by so quickly... but then, I suppose it all goes by so quickly! The Lord definitely grows us through our husbands, doesn't He?

May you always delight so much in your sweet husband!

Henley on the Horn said...

Y'all are so precious!! Keep enjoying every minute. I was married at 23 & our 14th anniversary is this summer. I still feel 23!! Time flies when you are having fun!