Monday, August 10, 2009

Chicken Thigh or Breast?

So, what does chicken thighs and chicken breasts have to do with being godly? Absolutely nothing, or at least I think nothing. :P This is actually a post that fits into that "random" category I mention in my blog header. hehe!

Tonight I cooked Sticky Chicken for supper. It's my husband's new favorite chicken. I, on the other hand, like the sauce...not so much the chicken. See, I'm white meat kind of person....he likes dark meat.

Question: Is raw dark meat suppose to smell different from white meat when it's raw? The few times I've used it, it has had a peculiar smell. I'm guessing that's normal???

Which do you prefer. Dark meat, or white?


Miss Jen said...

Oh... I prefer white meat
but also like dark on occasion! :)

Blessings~ Miss Jen

Mrs. U said...

That's a good question!! I don't use dark meat, so I can't remember if there is any difference in smell or not. I look forward to the answer!!!

Mrs. U

My Life as a MOM... said...

Thanks Melissa for the comments you left for me on 8/12/09. I will have to check those books out.

I prefer white meat also. I don't know about the smell of dark meat..all meat smells funny to me though. lol

Charree said...

I am not a dark meat sort of girl. I only use white meat, I switch out white meat for dark meat in recipes.

Have a blessed weekend!

Katie said...

I love dark meat but usually eat white meat because it is healthier.

JSU said...

Ah, I love everything about chickens: wings, thighs, breasts, white and dark meat, eggs, and even the scratchers. Haha, scratch the scratchers, but I do love chicken. Your husband and I might fight for last piece of chicken. :)