Sunday, August 09, 2009

Congratulations, Michael and Cari!

Last month Michael and Cari from my church had their third child, a sweet baby girl! They have three children now, two boys and a baby girl, Bella.
Today at church she was wearing the adorable smocked dress on the left. She was so precious, and it was my pleasure to hold her for a little bit. I think her mother was trying to give me the fever! Too late! (Sigh)

How cute of these little ballet slippers?
I love side views of the baby! :D
Cari with Dana, who made the yummy cake!
Trust me, she is already spoiled by her older brothers!

Bella, what a precious gift from the Lord!


Miss Jen said...

Oh.... how lovely!!! :)
What a blessing....
Children are indeed
a heritage from the Lord!

Love~ Miss Jen

Mrs. U said...

I LOVE baby showers!!!! Because I LOVE BABIES!! :) Who doesn't, right? :)

Those smocked dresses are ADORABLE!!! And I think the name Bella is so very pretty!

Mrs. U