Monday, March 15, 2010

My Laundry Schedule

One of the things that I look forward to on Mondays is beginning my weekly laundry routine.  I haven't always enjoyed this, until I came up with a schedule.  Here it is:

Monday:       Towels/Kitchen Linens

Tuesday:      Lights (socks, undershirts)
                    Gentle Lights (Usually our dress clothes)

Wednesday:  Handwashables (Washed in sink)

Thursday:     Gentle Darks (Dress clothes)
                    Darks (jeans, casuals)
Friday:          Bed Linens

Some days I may only have a couple articles of a certain load to wash, so I skip it until the next week to save on water and energy.  If I have anything leftover that didn't get washed due to time restraints, I wash it the next day, or on Saturday.  I do not wash on Sunday as I try to rest more on that day (although I do like to organize on Sundays).  

Do you have a laundry schedule?  Do you wash all in one day, or certain days?


Imperfect said...

This is a fabulous idea! I usually try to do all our laundry over the weekend. But I get overloaded with house cleaning and other chores so I end up doing a load here and there when we need it. I should definitely try this!

Melissa said...

Hey Girl! You should definitely try a schedule. It really helps. I just adjust the size of the load on the machine since it's just the two of us.

Cindy said...

Hi Melissa, schedules and list is what I live by. I've always been a list maker and for the period of time I was off of it, seems everything went downhill. Anyhow, I love the idea of a schedule for laundry. When all my kids were small and my family was growing, it was essential for me, but now with just hubby and I we usually do it in too days. I do my laundry on Wed. and his on Saturday after his work week is over. Works for us.

Have a blessed week sweetie!

Charree said...

I started doing a laundry routine a couple of years ago and I love it. I try to not do laundry on the weekend either. It feels so nice when the laundry for the day is done.

Have a blessed week!

Katie said...

Thursdays are my laundry days. Well, accept today, the Wiggles is sick, so Friday this week. I would love to have a schedule but I'm any structure, once I feel a routine coming on, I feel restricted. Its terrible because I know it would make my life so much more efficient.

Magnolia said...

I have been married for two and half years and I am still having trouble setting up a easy laundry schedule. I used to wash every other week but I would have six to seven loads. Now I am trying to wash every week on Thursday and Friday. Like you I do not wash if there is a very small load of something. Any suggestions that would help. Thank you for you blog. I am a new reader and your articles are encouraging.

God is Good,


Katheryn said...

I love seeing your laundry schedule, but we have 5 children, so our laundry schedule is constant. I do clothing on M, W, F and towels on T, Th, then sheets every other week, M (for my girls), T (for the cribs), W (for the boys) and Th (for Dad and Mom). That shoudl cover us all. :)