Thursday, March 11, 2010

Praise and Prayer Request

Praise:  My friend that had a miscarriage is expecting again.  She just went in for a check-up and the baby is doing great!  She is over 8 weeks along and the baby's heart beat is so strong!  Thank you for praying for my friend.  Please continue praying for her, as I am sure her worries are not over.

Prayer request:  Please pray for my Uncle Gary (my dad's brother).  It looks as though he may have Pancreatic Cancer; they are still unsure.  They will have results from a biopsy on Monday as well as having more MRI's ran.  This afternoon my uncle was taken by ambulance to the ER because he could not move his left leg, or grip with his left hand.  They have ruled out a stroke.  

Please, please pray for my uncle.  I love him very much and I just wish I could be there during this (he is in Kentucky). 

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