Sunday, July 25, 2010

Under Construction

I'm about at my wits end when it comes to the look of my blog.  Therefore, please over look it for now!  I know it looks crazy!  hehe!


Katie said...

I understand. I spent this last weekend going crazy fixing my blog. I went with no background on the bottom and just decorated the top. I've never done that before. Finding a good background or template can drive a girl crazy for sure!

Mrs. U said...

I ALWAYS love your blog!! And it's super cute right now! LOOOOVE the header photo!!!

My blog... sigh... I can't change it!!! I'm serious!! Even when I try to use the free ones like shabby chic, they do NOT work!! I know it's because, years ago, I messed with the html codes to get my blog to look like it does now BUT I can't undo it!! Aaarrrggghhhhh!!!

Mrs. U

Jim said...

I guess I'm just a man. I'd say come on in and don't trip over the pile of clothes in the middle of the floor.