Sunday, July 11, 2010

Your Rugs Will Thank Me!

I have a confession.  Jonathan and I have been married for over 18 months and I have NEVER washed the rugs in our home!  I have shaken them out and swept them, but never washed them.  My real life friend, Mrs. U is having a heart attack as she reads this!  

See, here's the thing, I didn't remember seeing my mom wash rugs.  It doesn't mean she didn't, I just never saw her.  Here I am, in my mid-twenties (that sounds weird) and have never washed my own rugs.  I knew I was suppose to because of people like my friend, Mrs. U and Martha Stewart, but I was always afraid they would get destroyed in the washing machine!  Not only that, most of my rugs are chocolate brown and I just knew they would fade in the wash.  I just couldn't afford to go out and buy new ones if that were to happen.

Finally though, I came to my senses....they needed to be washed, plain and simple.  Do you know what I found?  Not only did they survive the wash, but they even dried nice and fluffy.  When I walk across my accent rugs, they feel so silky.  Oh, and the color?  Even more brillant than the day they were put down! 

Moral to the story?  Wash your rugs, TODAY!  Play it safe if you are concerned like I was and wash them on a shorter, more gentle cycle in cold water....let me know how they turn out!


Imperfect said...

Oh my goodness, I need to wash my rugs, too! It's been months, and I have got to just do it already!

Miss Jen said...

Oh... yes indeed
thank you for the excellent reminder.
I need to wash my rugs, too!


WesternWoodburner said...

What kind of rugs though? I make crocheted rugs. We wash the smaller sturdy ones, but some of them are larger one of more fancy (delicate) work and I’m not sure they could stand a washing.

Melissa said...

Western Woodburner,

I would definitely wash your crocheted rugs by hand! Most washing machines do have a delicate or handwashables cycle, but to be safe, I would wash them in the sink or in the tub by hand using a gentle detergent, even Ivory dish liquid! Try using no more than 1/2 cup of vinegar in your rinse water. Google "Natural Fabric Softener" for this type of remedy.

Katie said...

I wash my rugs every few weeks. I have those foam standing mats in the kitchen so hot soapie water there. The bathroom rugs? Ever two to three weeks or right before guests come which is a lot lately. I love how they fluff right back up after the drier.

Mrs. U said...

YAY for clean rugs!!! But never fear. I shall never think ill of you, dear one!! And we ALL have seasons of things not being cleaned like we feel they should. Having Caroline home now has definitely thrown my routine off. What does that mean? Time for a new routine to take shape!

If you were to come into my home right now, I'm afraid that you would find it quite untidy! Tis the season for babies here right now. :)

Happy homemaking in your new and BEAUTIFUL home!!

Mrs. U

Mrs. White said...

Excellent reminder!

Mrs. White