Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another Way the World deceives us..

How many times do we tell our children how special they are because God created them unlike anyone else? A lot, right? Then why do we spend so much time being hypocrites and comparing ourselves to others? I have a problem, and that's comparing myself to other women, especially those who appear to be in shape, because I want to be in shape. Here's the problem, I'm breaking one of God's Ten Commandments, "Thou Shalt Not Covet." The media, through television and magazines, constantly slams beauty in our faces. It's all about "the look", "the shape", "the latest/newest". But who should we base our standard of beauty on? The magazines, or what the Bible says?

1 Peter 3:3-4 is one of my favorite versus of scripture. Here Peter is saying that beauty shouldn't just come from the outward, but it should be found inside of us, in the "hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God." I'm so glad that my inward self doesn't show too much from the outside, or I'd look like a monster! But praise God that He creates us precious to Himself! Another passage in the Bible tells us that "beauty is passing" (Proverbs 31:30), or fleeting. The outside of us ages, and becomes wrinkled; however, the inside is "incorruptible", and can grow more beautiful as the years go on.

One thing that worries me is that I might not be a good example to my daughter concerning true beauty. I must always remember to watch the kind of example I put before her and how it could effect her, like the things I say, and the things I do. God does not make mistakes. When we focus on our flaws, sometimes we ought to just be saying, "God made a mistake, my hips are to big." I'm going to start evaluating how I say things concerning my body. For example: Instead of, "My hips are so big", I might say, "God gave me wider hips, but it sure does make carrying children a lot easier." There is a difference in the healthy aspects of our bodies, and unhealthy. Sometimes we know within ourselves that we need to lose a few extra pounds in order to keep ourselves healthy, and there's nothing wrong with it. It's all in the way we say it, and think it, that make us self-conscious.

God did give me wide hips; however, they do make it easier to carry things on them, and they will always be there (no matter how much I diet), and I love them!

With all that being said, as you squeeze your little one, or older one, and tell him or her how beautiful he or she is, remind them and yourself that true beauty comes from the inside. God wants us to take good care of the outside of our bodies, but our hearts are much more important.

Please look at the link below. Although I'm not a fan of their commercials of underwear clad women, I do like the meaning of their promotion.


Candy said...

Another excellent post and so true.
I need to lose a little weight for health but Im happy with who I am and who God made me. I just gotta take care of the outside alittle bit and of course always the inside too :)

p.s... I think your beautiful

Mrs. U said...

"I'm so glad that my inward self doesn't show too much from the outside, or I'd look like a monster!"

HAHAAHAAA!! I couldn't agree more with this statement!!!! :)

Actually, the ENTIRE post is VERY good!!! The world screams very loudly at women that we need to have a certain look to be beautiful. And you are right in reminding us what God's Word says!! Thank you VERY much for sharing this!!!

Isn't it funny when you see someone and think "Oh, she is SOOO beautiful!!!" and the whole time she doesn't realize how truly beautiful she is?? Funny how that works. I have a sweet friend that I was blessed to see just this morning at church. She always has a happy smile for everyone and beams it from the choir loft as she sings praise to the King each Sunday morning. She was walking down from the choir loft this morning and I told Elizabeth "Now THAT is the kind of lady that we should strive to be- beautiful inside AND outside." This sweet friend has absolutely no idea how lovely she is. :)

Thank you, again, for yet another wonderful post!!

Mrs. U