Monday, April 23, 2007

Want a New Family?

Tune into ABC Family Channel! What do you get when you watch this channel, exactly what it advertises, "A New Kind of Family." You can get cocky children, who don't mind seeing "teenagers" in their underwear, children who see nothing wrong with drinking, smoking and dressing sexy.

And that's not all, because ABC Family Channel will also throw in examples who teach your children how to talk to you like you're nothing! Tune in now and you might just catch parents fighting and mothers putting down their husbands! All of this, in just one channel! How about it?

No? Good for you! Don't be fooled because it says "Family". Educate yourself .

Romans 12:4 "Do not be conformed to this world..."


Candy said...

I know, its awful!
Its been on my mind lately to make a blog post about it too.
There really is not much fit on television anymore.
The Bible says that the eyes are window to the soul and what we watch affects us to the core, to our soul. We have to be SO intentional careful about what we view. AND as Christians we shoudnt be supporting these shows and networks and movies!
I feel SO strongly about the problems with TV viewing for Christians...I will post about it someday soon.
Thanks for this post :)

Mrs. U said...

Surprise, surprise!! Another good "family" show on TV!! This isn't shocking to me AT ALL!! But I think that I do need to be made aware of what's on so I thank you for sharing this! I hadn't heard of it yet.

You have to wonder about the kind of people that create shows like this. I mean, is their family like this? Do they WANT a family like this of their own??? Good grief!!!

Mrs. U

A. Taylor said...

We are a Christian family and we have no issues with the programming on ABC FAMILY. Yes, the families portrayed on that channel can be from diverse or unfamiliar backgrounds. Yes, they may have different points of views from ours. And, yes, we may not subscribe to every worldview offered up by those TV families. But my family has been taught not to fear or judge. We believe that Lord created us all with open minds, open hearts and a sense of humor. And whether my children and I are watching LINCOLN HEIGHTS or GROUNDED FOR LIFE, we embrace the experiences and lessons those Different Families From Ours offer us. I use those shows as starting points in our family discussions about morality and faith. We are not offended by anything on ABC FAMILY and, but if we were, I would simply use the remote to watch something else for a while. The Christian hearts and minds in my household are open and unafraid and we try to live every day one mindful of one of our Pastor's favorite quotes from the Bible: "Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.” God loves all his families. Even the ones that are different from yours.

Melissa said...

A. Taylor,

Thank you for your comment. It's good to know that you are concerned with what your children watch, to the extent that you are. However, I disagree that Christians should have open minds and open hearts....that makes it easy for Satan to come in a attack everything good that God has created. I am NOT an open-minded Christian, I refuse to believe that it's okay to take everything in that the world has to ofter.

Romans 12:1 says that we are to not be conformed to this world. A. Taylor, I am 22 years old (I don't know how old your children are), but if I watch a show that is filled with lustful young adults, parties, and rude/crude behavior, I look at that and question, is this behavior proper? If I watch a show that has a handsome young man as the actor, what keeps me watching, humor, or him? If it's him, it's lust!

Don't allow your family to NOT fear, because they need to know that Satan is out there to steal God's Sheep (that being your family). When you say that "we", or "my family" doesn't do this, or that, are you meaning you and your spouse, or your whole family? You and your spouse have a responsibility to guard as best as possible what your children view. Do not expect your children to say, "Mom, that boy/girl is too cute, I must stop watching for my heart is sinning." Children need guidance, they need you to step in and protect them.

If you truly are a Christian, pray deeply about this matter. Don't assume that I am condeaming what you watch. Just be watchful for your heart can be easily deceived by the world.

Commit yourself to the things that honor the Lord. This means, ask yourself, does what I'm watching honor the Lord?

Thank you for your comment.

"As for me and my house, WE will serve the Lord" - Joshua 24:15

Melissa said...

Oh, here's a GREAT site to visit, sums it all up, just find your show!

A. Taylor said...


Thanks for the wonderful thoughts. We'll have to disagree on the subject of fear, though. In my household we believe that God truly is the Almighty. As in: All Mighty. As in; Stronger than Satan. We do not fear Satan or his influence because we know that God is more powerful than Satan and with Him in our corner, Satan is no threat. We follow in the footsteps of Jesus. He was unafraid and so are we.

Anonymous said...

a. taylor ~

I agree when you say God is almighty. But just because HE is does not mean that WE are. We need to protect our families from the devil and his plots. And I agree with Melissa, we should NOT be open-minded Chirstians, this just amkes room for the devil to move in.

Kimberly said...

I used to watch tv all the time. I'd just flip it on whenever I came home without thinking about what was on.

That was years ago. Things have changed; both television and myself. I've not watched television at home now for almost ten years.

Yes, I see it when it's on out in public, or if I'm staying at family's because it is always on, but we don't watch it in our home.

As I think about it, I did turn it on a few times over the years: Columbine, September 11, when the Iraq war started, and one presidential debate (Bush vs. Gore). I watched a few things for a few days when those events occurred, but then unplugged it again.
We chose movies and watch them on dvd a few times a month, but usually only after carefully reviewing them. We are pretty picky about what we let into our home.

It is our home and our sanctuary. I don't want it filled with garbage and pictures of people doing things we shouldn't be doing. If something is a sin for someone to do, am I not contributing to the problem by watching it even if I'm not doing it? Wouldn't my children think I think such behavior is fine? Would I watch these shows if Jesus was sitting on the couch next to me?
I love our life. It's peaceful. Our evening hours are filled with fun, conversation, laughter and projects, instead of television. We have time with each other~time to talk, read, bake, laugh, play and more~even time to write and blog!
It's not legalistic, or boring. Instead, our home is filled with our own laughter and music. It is a place of joy and love.

Dr. Bombay said...

Dear Anonymous:

If it is indeed true that Satan is plotting against Christians like us, I doubt very much that the Dark One is using the airwaves of ABC Family to do it. If you've ever watched that channel, you know that ABC Family has been the home of both 7TH HEAVEN and Pat Robertson's wonderful series of programs. Even ABC Family's more secular shows carry a very strong and pro-Christian message. Take SMALLVILLE: A wise and powerful man from the heavens sends his only son to Earth to crusade for peace and justice. I see absolutely no reason to quake with fear before a TV show like that. Again, my spouse and I follow in the footsteps of Jesus and we teach our children to so the same. We walk through our lives with open minds and open hearts, ready to embrace and experience all the wonders of the world without fear that they will shake our faith or change our souls. We do believe that God is the Almighty. And we also believe that if the Devil ever dared to threaten us personally that the God we worship would kick Satan's red, pointed-tailed butt back to the Land of Fire and Brimstone. We believe that is the healthiest and holiest way to live the life that our Heavenly Father gave to us and we encourage our fellow humans (Christian or not) to do the same.

Melissa said...

Oh dear me, where should I start.

Dr. Bombay,

I'm really not sure what kind of fairy tale you live in, I'm sorry. Perhaps you should refrain from next years Halloween events as your view of Satan is wimpy, and none-the-less ridiculous! Let's face it Satan is going to move in where ever he can. He doesn't look at ABC Family and say, "Oh dear, it's a family channel, I'd better not go there!" Yeah right, Satan goes where the people are. He takes things that families are involved in and uses them to manipulate and pull them in and away from God. Don't underestimate the wickedness of Satan. When you start letting your guard down, that's when he moves in.

1 Peter 5:8 says, "Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

Dr. Bombay, you said, "ABC Family has been the home of both 7TH HEAVEN and Pat Robertson's wonderful series of programs," keyword HAS BEEN! While I'm at it, let's take a closer look at the connection of 7th Heaven and Pat Robertson. When I was in middle school 7th Heaven came out and was by far my favorite show, based on Christian values. Let's look at where the show has gone. The minister, Eric, the has since had a fatal heart diagnoses and his wife begins seeking help from psychics and healers. Meanwhile, Lucy has become a minister all-the-while her husband (who she constantly pushes away) is a stay-at-home father, and Simon worries he may have another girl, other than his fiance (who decides SHE wants to be a minister), pregnant. I don't believe that Pat Robertson would completely endorse this show, remember his famous quote on what feminists cause?

I do remember growing up with this show and how strict the Camden's were with their children. Seasons later, the parents seem to be more laid back and situations that arise are like water off a duck's back. there's no punishment. This show has purposely avoided the subjects of abortion, homosexuality and other very important topics. This show has definitely shown it's moral side, however, strongly lacks a spiritual side, which is something Christians should look for. By the way, if writer and creator Brenda Hampton isn't a Christian, don't expect her shows to be either, including Fat Actress!

Now Smallville. Never seen this show, I decided to research. Here's a link I found in Google . Please view before reading on.

The opening picture on the link.....Lois isn't the ideal role model I want my daughter to see. Going on to read about this show....okay, so it does say something about the "heavens". That's it. That's where you, Dr. Bombay get your references to God. The "heavens"! Dr. Bombay, next time come back with a show worth fighting for. This junk is not. Don't take one word, like "God", "Heaven" or "Jesus" and assume that it's Christian because I hear people use these words in slander everyday and there's nothing Christian about it.

Lastly, you talk about Satan like he's a cartoon character, knock it off. And you say, We believe that is the healthiest and holiest way to live the life that our Heavenly Father gave to us and we encourage our fellow humans (Christian or not) to do the same." Romans 8:8 clearly says, "...Those who are in the flesh cannot please God." You cannot encourage someone to serve a God that they don't know!

JSU said...

Dr. Bombay (currently Mumbai),

I couldn't help but chuckle at some of the comments made on this post. I wish we didn't have to worry about Satan. But if he wasn't out to devour people (1 Peter 5:8) then we would never be tempted. Why does Paul tell us to put on the full armor of God? If God was going to do all the fighting and we couldn't be tripped up, we could sit back in our pajamas watching questionable shows like Smallville. If Satan was scared of numbers, then he wouldn't be hard at work in churches to cause dissention and turmoil. He's out there. He definitely will devour the unsuspecting people he believe he's not out to get them. Look out.