Thursday, April 05, 2007

To Blow, or Not To Blow....

Don’t pick your nose, scratch yourself, or blow your nose in public (wiping your nose is okay).”

FEEDBACK NEEDED: Okay ladies, this one wasn’t too hard for me for the most part. Since a small child I was told never to pick my noise in public, I mean really, who does that? And the scratching in public, I can see where I should probably be careful not to scratch my head, arms and elsewhere in public. However, blowing my nose?? What if a lady just has to!?! Here’s what I’m getting at:

You have a cold, you have allergies, or you just happen to be in the

South during spring time (think yellow car, covered in pollen), and

Your nose is out of control and no privacy is available! Do you:

A. Sniff and sniff until you can reach a private place to blow your nose.

B. Wipe your nose constantly with a wadded tissue in hand.

C. Say, “Pardon me,” to anyone close enough to care, before quietly, and discreetly turning away and blowing your nose. Remember, quietly!

Please answer which you think is the most ladylike. I would appreciate any opinions on this topic.


Mrs. U said...

Honestly??? Oh dear... this may not be the most ladylike answer, but... when I feel the need to blow my nose, I will excuse myself and go to the restroom. However, if I were around a group of only females, I probably would just say "Please excuse me" and turn around and blow my nose.

I am interested to hear what others say!! I certainly can learn a lot in the area of ladylike manners!!!

Mrs. U

Candy said...

I would opt for the last quietly turn around, say pardon me and blow my bose :)
Because if you dont blow your nose you can get sicker. Also to me, there is nothing worse than hearing someone "sniff" :)
It might be a nice idea for us ladies to also wear pretty gloves and take pretty hankies with us in our purse or at least those very pretty small tissue packs that you can get from places like crabtree & evelyn.
I LOVE this post.

Candy said...

Happy Easter!

Candy :)

Lean Not said...

I do not like to see ladies blowing their noses.

But if we are sick, sometimes we can't help it. Surely, blowing my nose in public is not as bad as -- um -- not blowing it if I should have! (picturing little kids with runny noses . . .)

Either way, whatever we do should be very discreet. A loud blow is disgusting. Perhaps we should plan ahead and sit near the door where we can make an inconspicuous getaway? :) At least, we can be as quiet as possible if we do have to blow our noses in public.

(By the way, this conversation makes me want to sneeze! Gotta laugh at the power of suggestion.) :)