Thursday, June 07, 2007

So Easy a......WHAT?!?!

Christians.....isn't there something wrong with Geico's new "so easy a caveman can do it" commercials? Doesn't this kinda go against the Truth of Creation? People, let's not get caught up in "good humor", if it's wrong, say it's wrong!

As a Christian, how do you feel about these commercials?


Lean Not said...

Thank you for bringing that up, Melissa. The more we casually accept things, even for the sake of humor, the more we will get used to them and consider them fact.

Have you heard about the new Creation museum that Answers in Genesis opened up last week? It sounds great!

Melissa said...

Actually, I haven't heard of it, but I wouldn't be surprised. Answers in Genesis is very active is showing the Truth in the mist of so many lies about Creation. I'm very glad of this organization. Thanks for your comment.

JSU said...

Interesting topic! I never thought about the commercials, but that doesn't change the fact that it supports Evolution. There is an amazing number of "Christians" that support the Cave Man idea and Creation. That is impossible, but so few think about it.

The AIG Museum got blasted by scientists and teachers. The said that Ken Ham (the founder) was out to confuse public school kids. They feared that the museum was out to undo all scientific "evidence and truth".

Dead Theologians said...

This cavemen thing is being made into a major sitcom this fall on one of the big networks.

It is subtle humor like this that gets us to relax about it and let that philosophy just steamroll our culture.

Mrs. U said...

This link will take you to a good article about the Creation Museum. I wish we were closer because I would LOVE to go visit!

Mrs. U

Michelle said...

This doesn't have much to do with your actual post however, I have been reading your blog for some time now and noticed that one of your favorite books is "The Excellent Wife". I recently read what I thought was a tragic devotional based on this very book. Look over this, I would love to hear your opinions on what an excellent wife would be. Maybe afterwards we can compare notes.

Melissa said...

Hi Michelle!

Thank you so much for being a reader of my Blog. I would definitely like to share what I believe makes up an excellent wife. In fact, I would prefer to do a whole post on it.

Thanks for asking...perhaps in a couple of days I'll have a post ready.

One last thing, what do you mean by, "I recently read what I thought was a tragic devotional based on this very book"? I just need a little clarity.


Melissa :D

Michelle said...

To clairify, I have not read the book in its entirity however, I have read specific parts. The "tragic devotional" I am refering to is the link I left you. I believe that the author (of the book) misrepresented many quotes from the Bible and never took into consideration that it was written thousands of years ago in a time where women held little value in society. Read over the devotional if you have a chance (I know its long). I am not sure if the devotional is taking "The Excellent Wife" of context or not.

Melissa said...

Oh, okay! I see! I read it, so it wasn't that long. I'll get back to you.



Mrs. Brigham said...

I am embarrassed to admit that I had not thought much about these commercials until I read your post. You do raise an excellent point. If we ignore the small things, before we know it, we wind up with a large problem.

Steven Gabbard said...

Readers of this post. Do not give into Christian insanity by reading into the Cavemen Geico commercials. Here’s why. When it was a taking lizard, you sat back and thought, “Well, that’s ok, I can see a lizard walking around on its back feet and talking. Yeah, he was created by the Lord and given special talents.” But when you see the cavemen commercial, you feel attacked and betrayed and think, “How could they do that? They know caveman do not exist for it goes against everything I believe in.”

Which do you think “most likely” existed – a caveman or a talking lizard? I think we would all agree that the brain has evolved and we have become smarter due to multitasking and the vast amount of information we have access to, but I do not believe that there exist nor has their ever existed a lizard that speaks better English than I do.

If you’re going to sprout out your ignorance, attack the story as a whole and not only the part that makes you feel better. This kind of stuff does not matter. It turns non-Christians away and makes them think, “Wow, I don’t want to be part of that insane group of people. I don’t want to watch a commercial and feel attacked.”

Steven Gabbard,