Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Desk Organization: Before and After

So...I do realize that I said I would have my desk organization pictures up on September 11th, and today is the first of October. On 9/11, I chose to honor that day by writing about how I remember that day played out before me, seven years ago. After that day came and went, wedding invitations took over and BAM! My desk was messy again. Now, without further ado......


After:Note: The two pictures on the top of my desk are of Jonathan and I the first day we had ever hung out. We were crazy looking.

After:Note: These files may still look unorganized, but I worked VERY hard on updating them and trashing what I didn't need. AHHH...

After:Note: This space is now home to all of my jewelry making supplies and beads. I love this spot for all of my jewelry stuff. These plastic shoe boxes are only concealing all of the storage containers behind them.

Are you in the mood to doing a little organizing now that Fall is here?


Imperfect said...

Nice organization! I am proud.

And if you count taking a roller to a wall as painting...seriously though, I can't paint. Not artistically. I am one heck of a cut and paste-er though. :)

Mrs. U said...

Wow, you have really done some tidying!! Good for you!!! I REALLY need to tackle our desk area AND the area by my side of the bed where I tend to stack things to look at "later" and later never seems to come!! LOL!!

Thank you for the inspiration!

Mrs. U