Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What's in a Name?

I have always loved my name, Melissa Carol. I have especially loved how I got my name.

When I was born, Dad was a huge fan of Little House in the Prairie.

I got my first name, "Melissa" from this little girl:

Melissa Gilbert who played Laura Ingles

My middle name, Carol came from the character my dad described as a "beautiful lady":

Caroline, the mother, played by Karen Grassle

I think that the biggest reason I love my name, and not just because I LOVE the show, but because my dad picked it out for me. Especially for me. And I love that.

Where did your parents get your name from?

Neat Fact: I was born February 10th, 28 years to the day the real Laura Ingles passed away. We shared the same day.


Carrie said...

The string of events that lead to my name actually started when my mother was born. My Grammie wanted to name her Beverly and my Grandpa said no daughter of his would be named after a city in California. So my mom was named Carolyn Ann.

Fast forward 24 yrs to my birth, Carrie is the nickname of Carolyn (I have no idea what they would have named me if my mom had been named Beverly). My middle name is Lea (LEE) after my mom's youngest sister, Loretta Lea. I love being named after to very special ladies in my life.
Thanks for letting me play along
Carrie Lea

Mrs. U said...

This is NEAT, Melissa!! I've known you all these years and never once asked you where your name came from!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!

Mrs. U

Imperfect said...

When my dad was a youth pastor at Wheaton Bible Church there was a girl with a brain tumor in the youth group. My parents describe her as having a beautiful heart. She was always positive and always wanted to help others even though she knew her condition was ultimately fatal. She passed away shortly before I was born. To honor her, they gave me her name as my middle name: Elizabeth.

Rona's Home Page said...

I'm named after my father's mother. Her middle name was Rona.

Little Missy Homemaker said...

I'm a Melissa too! My father also picked it out, I'm not sure if he was thinking of Melissa Gilbert when he named....maybe. I was born in 1980 and so the show had been on for a few years by then and most people probably heard of her. I think our name was pretty popular back then because of that show. I went to school with several girls named Melissa.

Miss G said...

My dad named me too! I love that fact!

I am also a newlywed! So fun! Praying God will teach us how to use this sweet newlywed time. Kelly