Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New President: Finding True Victory

Today our country has come a long way since the civil rights movement. I'm sure that many people never would have thought that a black man would become President in their lifetime. Today it has happened. Congratulations, President Obama.

Although today is a proud day for many, I am nervous about what the future of our country holds. "Change" is about to take a place. Still I cannot get out of my head the issues that mean the most to me....sanctity of HUMAN life and sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman.

I pray that the Lord would save President Obama. I pray today and every day that President Obama will find his true victory in Jesus Christ.

For the Christians that are reading this, if support President Obama or not....pray for his salvation. Don't be as concerned with the promises he has made to "change" things, than you are his salvation. President Obama needs the Lord....as we all do.


Mrs. U said...

Good post!!! I am very concerned about the issues, too- right to life for the unborn and marriage being between a man and a woman. I definitely pray for his salvation!

Mrs. U

Charree said...

What a great post. I will definitely be praying for his salvation.

Have a blessed day!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Yea for you...compassion and concern all in one post. I can't blog politics because I am just too passionate about what is happening...must do it in real life. :)